CloudX is an initiative started in good old Bavaria. It is created to promote the idea of system hyper 
pipelining (SHP). SHP offers great possibilities for parallel algorithms and multicores. The positive impact on the complete ecosystem (architecture, software, hardware, ...) is very promising. To discuss this method as well as new ideas and applications, a faq-section and free examples are set up.

System Hyper Pipelining

System Hyper Pipelining (SHP) is a method to multiply the functionality of systems and cores by using the logic in a time sliced fashion. It can be used on any sequential design. Due to the increasing usage of multi-processor systems, the initiative starts with SHP of processors. It remains to be seen if some bricks can be knocked out of the memory and power walls as well as to clear up some SoC bus bottlenecks. It is important to notice, that this method can be used on applications such as filters, data streaming, synthesizers, image processing etc. and we encourage the community to make suggestions, which will be discussed in the faq-section and any cooperation is welcome.


OpenCores, uPlug and Arduissimo

OpenCores: So far, all cores have been taken from the project list. Most designs are slightly enhanced (e.g. full instruction set, special function registers, ...) before they are used in a CloudX project.
uPlug: This is an electronic plug&play system, optimized for entry level system prototyping for µCs and FPGAs, as well as the combination of µCs and FPGAs.
Arduissimo IDE: The Arduino IDE is modified to enable the support of CloudX projects. When  an external compiler is used, the Arduissimo IDE can still be used for downloading and debugging.

Arduino is a trademark of the Arduino team.

last modified: 2012/nov/8